Nieuwe update van Office MIX

Microsoft heeft weer een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor Office MIX:

Easy Contest Integration:
Now, when you view your Mix Details or the list of mixes in the My Mixes tab, you’ll see a new button Submit to Contest. This button makes it easy to submit your mix to the Lessons to Life contest, where you can win up to 15 Surface Pro 3’s to donate to your favorite K-12 school. When you click the Submit to Contest button, you’ll automatically be taken to the Contest site with your name, address and address of your mix prepopulated for entry. This contest is open to most adults in the US (See here for full eligibility). Residents outside the US should stay tuned for more offers in the future!

Export Analytics to Excel
One of your top feature requests is now available! You can now export mix analytics to Microsoft Excel. Simply log in to, open My Mixes->Uploaded Mixes and choose the mix you want to analyze. You’ll see an icon that lets you download the analytics as an Excel file. You can view both slide and quiz analytics, and you can filter and pivot to your heart’s content.

Easy Sharing
We heard your feedback! Now you can share mixes to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Just click Share and choose the social network(s) you want to share to.

Embed Links
Do you have a mix you’d like to post to your blog? With the embed function, it’s as simple as “click, copy and paste.”

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