Big updates for Office365 this month

Microsoft released today some big update for Office365.

  1. Co-authoring in Excel; Users in the fast ring of Office365 will get this update today. With this update in Excel you can co-author directly in Excel with your co-workers.

Co-authoring is being shown in Excel. A dropdown in the top right explains that Alex is also working in the spreadsheet, and which cell he is in. A red box surrounds the cell Alex is in, with a red flag over it showing his name. Alex’s red indicator moves to another cell, and then a change which Alex made to the cell and a graph can be seen showing up a moment later.


2. Microsoft Teams is general available; finally also for Education is Microsoft Teams available in every O365 tenant.

3. Microsoft Bookings will rolling out worldwide; a great tool for managing appointments and schedules in Office365 will be available for customers outside of U.S. and Canada

4. OneNote inking in the browser! You can now annotate in OneNote Online!

The new Draw tab with inking tools is being shown in OneNote Online, with ink annotations added to various parts of an image in a biology notebook page.

5. Microsoft Visio integration with Excel and PowerPoint;


The new Data Visualizer templates and Slide Snippets pane are being shown in Visio. A Cross Functional Flowchart is shown being created from an existing Excel workbook. Then the Slide Snippets pane is shown being used to select multiple areas of the Visio flowchart to export as snippets on individual slides in PowerPoint.


You can create snippets from Visio to PowerPoint to make great presentations!

Screenshot of the Slide Snippents pane in Visio with two slide previews shown.

More news you can read here.

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